Day 2: 26th Aug 2014

 We took our time packing up and heading off this morning knowing we weren’t travelling a great distance that day.

First stop was at the Head of Bight Marine Park to try our luck at spotting some whales. We weren’t disappointed. The viewing area is a series of long boardwalks overlooking the cliffs that drop into the Great Australian Bight. The conditions were perfect with clear blue skies, a very light breeze, and calm seas. There were a number of whales just lolling around in the immediate area, some with young calves, none in a hurry to go anywhere or do very much. A very long telephoto lens would have been handy here.


A bit further down the road we pulled in to the first of the lookout points along this stretch to view the rugged cliffs that abruptly mark the edge of the Continent.

The next lookout provided a different vista with slopes rolling steeply down to the water’s edge, and the third view was different again.

 We finally made it to Border Village where we stopped to capture the moment of crossing into W.A.  for posterity.
Everyone must pass through the Quarantine Station where the officers go through your vehicles, caravans, etc. with a fine toothed comb. We all made it through without any infractions and were allowed to go on our way.
Tonight’s stop is in Eucla, another “town” that’s really just a roadhouse, Hotel, Motel and Camping Grounds.
The park soon filled up and we were also joined by a group participating in the Perth Variety Club Bash. Apparently, this mob of characters had driven their whacky and motley looking vehicles all the way to Sydney and were on their return leg to Perth.

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