Day 21: 14th Sept 2014


Walpole's main street
We left Walpole today with the intention of stopping to sample some cider and toffee at “The Toffee Factory”, near Denmark. Yet another place that sells all sorts of tasty things to eat and drink. I bought a mixed 4 pack of apple and pear ciders and a packet of reasonably potent Chilli Cider  Peanuts, whilst Sharon and Laura grabbed several types of toffees.

A courteous young cow escorts us from the Toffee Factory
A bit further on we pulled up at “Bartholomews Meadery” who sell, and allow you to sample, all sorts of pure, unprocessed honeys, and a variety of Meads. We tried the warm, spicy Mead, which is supposed to be ideal for a cold Winter’s night, but found it wasn’t really something we liked. So it was back on the road and in to Denmark to find somewhere for morning coffee.

Even though we didn’t spend much time in Denmark, what we did see looked really nice and would definitely be a location we’d stop-over in next time we’re out this way.

Main street, Albany
With nothing else to divert our attention we pressed on and arrived in Albany in time to set up camp, have lunch, then sit back and admire the view looking out the front of our sites to Middleton Beach.
The view out the front of our campsite

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