28 Aug 2011 - Now for the good stuff....

We were up reasonably early, had breakfast and then took our time packing up. As we hadn't unhooked the 'van from the car the night before, it didn't take us long to get ready to roll out. It was a bit of a surprise to find we seemed to be the only ones up and about out of the group we were parked next to.

We made our way back to the highway, and were soon back to cruising along at 100Kph, enjoying the brilliant sunshine and cloudless sky.

About 140Kms from Port Wakefield is Port Pirie, a small waterside town with a lot of character. There's some classic old sandstone buildings set in amongst some very contemporary and ubiquitous architecture (Macca's, KFC, Hungry Jack's).

After a quick whizz into Port Pirie and back out again, it was on to Port Augusta. This is a strange place with the town split in two by the narrow upper reaches of the Spencer Gulf. We did some last minute grocery shopping here to replenish some of the fruit and vegies we had to trash when we came across the border. But, would you believe Coles Supermarket had no broccoli?

Back to the Highway, and the turnoff to Quorn and the Flinders Ranges. The hills and ranges, even here, looked very different to anything I'd seen before, very crinkly and covered in low growing wood.

Not too far to our destination now and the scenery is changing dramatically. All to the side of us and off into the distance are tall, craggy hills with the famous red earth showing through. Shaz has the camera out and is clicking away madly whilst we're streaking along at full noise.

 After much anticipation, we made it. The park is not how we expected it. I wasn't picturing anything as orderly as this, with each powered site layed out and well maintained and there are trees everywhere.

Di and Dave arrived here ahead of us, just after lunch-time, and were well ensconsed on the site next to where we were to occupy, looking pretty relaxed and full of serenity when we pulled in.

With a bit of help from Dave, we soon had ourselves set up and were able to take the time to admire our surroundings a little.

So, at the end of the day, the driving is over, I've gone as far West as I've ever been, made it to the edge of the outback, and copped a hint of what amazing scenery, history and natural beauty this part of Australia has to offer. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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