29 Aug 2011 - A view from the top

    We awoke this morning to another brilliant day. The curious birds that inhabit the area were making a ruckus and the crows were doing their best Graham Kennedy impressions. After a leisurely breakfast and a cup of  freshly brewed coffee, we all filled our water bottles, donned some headwear and took off on a walk to the original Wilpena Homestead some 3.3Kms out from the resort. The track takes you into the "Pound" following the Wilpena Creek, passing some towering rock formations on either side. At the end of the trail is the 150 year old Wilpena Homestead.
     There's a series of information panels that describe the history of the place, and the family that lived there. They certainly lived through some tough times. If it wasn't drought, it was flood that knocked them to their knees again and again.
     Up behind the homestead is a track up to the Lower and Upper Wangarra Hill lookouts. The sign said 400m to the first lookout, and another 400m further to the next, which seemed a bit optimistic to us at the top, but the views were well worth the effort.

Dada and his chicks, next to the Homestead walking trail.

We were all a bit weary by the time we got back to camp, so it was a very leisurely (there's that word again!) arvo.

Later in the day, at about "Scotch" o'clock, we received an inpromptu visit from a couple of the locals who hopped in to say gidday. Very friendly, not at all concerned by the human activity in the park. 

As the day drew to a close, we amused ourselves watching some of the newbies arriving, doing the obligatory "caravan cha-cha", trying to get their 'van in the optimal position on their designated site. We've all been there, so we're allowed to pass judgment.

Di and Dave are off on their early morning hot air balloon flight tomorrow (5:15am take-off), so they've already said goodnight. I don't think we'll be up too long either.

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