Exploring Kata Tjuta, Yulara Town Centre and yet another sunset

28th May 2013
Today we made the trip back out to Kata Tjuta armed with the fly nets we'd picked up the day before. There's a couple of walks we wanted to do. The first one was up and into the gap between two of the large domes. The climb up was steady and at times it was a bit hard to find a firm footing. Unlike Uluru, the whole complex is not made of solid rock, but from what appears to be a conglomerate of various sized rocks, glued together by a softer material. The whole area around the base of the domes is littered with chunks of this conglomerate.

 The gap closes in and is not passable so at the end there's a raised viewing area where we sat and rested in the shade and relative cool. The view looking back out of the gap was worth the effort. 

The next walk was a short drive around to the northern end where we parked and set out on foot again. This walk started off much easier than the first, and only got a bit more difficult as we got up and in between some of the domes. We only made it to the end of the first section of this walk as it continued on down the other side and became quite difficult.

We needed to stock up at the supermarket at Yulara, but first we sampled the coffee from the cafe in the Town Centre.

That evening it was yet again back out to watch the sunset on Uluru, but this time we wanted to see the spectacle from the far side of the rock so that the formation was in silhouette. This was far more impressive than the sunrise from the same location yesterday. From this vantage point you can see both Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

Desert Oaks and Uluru

Tomorrow we leave this special place and head to King's Canyon.

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