Simpson's Gap, Standley Chasm and the Old Alice Springs Telegraph Station

1st June 2013

Today we drove out west of Alice to visit one of the most well known of the sights in this area, Standley Chasm. But first port of call was Simpson's Gap. The Gap was a welcome change from the other Gaps and Chasms in that it has a semi-permanent pool of water. 

After Simpson's, we hopped over to Standley Chasm. We gathered that this location must be run privately as it was the first place, other than Uluru/Kata Tjuta, where we'd had to pay entry fees. Anyway, we paid our money and made the trek into the Chasm. Unfortunately the day was pretty grey and overcast so the walls didn't light up as brightly as it reportedly does at around midday when the sun is directly overhead. Regardless, a few breaks in the cloud did see some rays making it through and showing us a hint of the vibrant colour in the rock.
Back in Alice and out the north end a few kilometres is the old Telegraph Station, reportedly the most complete and best preserved of all the stations that were constructed every 250kms along the telegraph line between Darwin and Adelaide. This was Australia's only link to the outside world and the station at Alice was one of the most important and was the birthplace of the town that became Alice Springs.

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