Day 24: 17th Sept 2014

Sharon, Laura and I are doing our own thing for a bit today, and the others have gone off in their own direction, planning to all meet up later in the afternoon for coffee.
We decided to drive along the foreshore of Middleton beach and then on up to lookout atop Mt Clarence and the monument to the Desert Mounted Corps.

This is thought to be the site of the 1st ANZAC dawn service, held by
Reverend Arthur Earnest White, himself a veteran of The Western Front. There’s much work and construction going on getting things ready for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC fleet leaving the shores of Albany.

After winding our way back down off Mt Clarence, we parked the car and strolled up Albany’s main street, bumping into Dave, propped up against a veranda post whilst Di and Wendy browsed a shop.
We also did a bit of browsing, with a few purchases made at a lolly shop, and then some souvenirs.
Time for lunch and we chose one of the many eateries that are all along the main commercial strip.

Late that afternoon we tried some more fishing off breakwater again, but unfortunately our activity was cut short when Laura’s iPhone slipped out of her pocket and down between the rocks. It came to rest several inches out of reach, and in a position where waves were occasionally washing in and giving it a good soaking. To cut a long story short, I eventually retrieved the phone, but by this time it was ruined.
It’s Sharon’s birthday today so Laura and I took her out for dinner.  Earlier in the day we’d spotted what looked like a nice venue at the end of Middleton Beach and it turned out to be a good choice.

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