Day 26: 19th Sept 2014

Not too much on the agenda again today.
This morning we took both vehicles, with everyone on board this time, for a run up the beach. We drove amongst all the other vehicle’s tyre tracks until they started thinning out and the sand got softer. Not wanting to get bogged, and not really enthusiastic about airing down our tyres, we turned around and headed back to where we started.

At this point you can head away from the beach and jump onto a 4wd track over to the Fitzgerald River National Park. One of the residents back at the Caravan Park had told us about some native orchids he’d spotted the previous day in this area so the ladies were keen to locate them.

In the mean time, we had to negotiate the track that had seen a lot of water in the recent past and was extremely rough in places, and heavily corrugated in others.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find the orchids we were told about, but we did come across a healthy looking young goanna, countless other wildflowers to photograph, and a couple of nice bits of firewood that’d come in handy later that evening.


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