A bit more of Coober Pedy

24th May 2013

Another morning waking to the sounds of the "Grey Nomads" packing up their rigs and hitting the road at sparrow's fart.

It was a brilliant sunny morning, but the temperature was still fresh with a light breeze. So what did we do? We headed underground on a self guided tour of The Old Timer Mine just back from the main drag. Shafts and drives have been dug everywhere around town. You can literally step off the street and into a mine.

Demonstrates how a miner climbed the shaft which was "custom fitted" to his size.
 We were told they dug out $50,000 worth of Opal just excavating the entrance to the old diggings when they opened it up as a tourist atraction.

Late that day we drove back out to The Breakaways to watch the sun set. A small group of people with cameras had gathered at one of the vantage spots, all with the same intention of capturing something special.

Here's a sample of our efforts.

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