Port Augusta to Coober Pedy

22nd May 2013

We left the Big 4 caravan park at Port Augusta under grey clouds and constant drizzle. It didn't look much better where we were heading.

But the dark skies did provide a contrasting backgroud to the brilliant orange-to-red hills that surrounded us.

  Mid morning saw us at the Woomera Rocket range. This is a strange place that's a bit like a ghost town on the surface, but there's Army personnel and other workers around, a school, cinema, General Store, Museum and a Heritage Centre, and if you look a bit closer, there are some recently built residential houses. There's also a nice little Cafe where we took the opportunity to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

We passed a fair amount  of traffic heading South, a large proporion of which was large road trains of different configurations. This trip we're taking note of likely spots to stop and free-camp when we plan to come back this way with Di, Dave and Wendy in 2015.     
  It was fairly late in the afternoon when we arrived at Coober Pedy with the sun low in the sky and glaring in through the windscreen. It was suggested we stay at the Stuart Range Caravan Park, so we promptly booked in for three nights and planned to try out their Pizzas tomorrow night. After selecting our site and setting up the 'van, we settled in for the night.


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