Taking in Coober Pedy

23rd May 2013

Today started off with a leisurely breakfast of O.J., bacon and egg rolls, and coffee.  Then it was into town to visit the Information Centre for Shaz to gather some clues as to what to see and do. I wandered outside and next door to investigate what looked like a couple of petrol bowsers, but are actually points where, for 20cents per 30 litres, you can get fresh, drinkable water.

Next we drove around the back streets of town, taking photos and marvelling at the uniqueness of this place. It appears that nothing gets thrown out here, it either sits around, or gets made into something to be used for mining Opals. This is definitely no place for anyone suffering from O.C.D.

 We needed to re-stock our supplies so a visit to the local supermarket was in order. What a pleasant surprise the local IGA was. Not only was it a substantial supermarket, but it also incorporated a comprehensive camping section, a hardware, and some major white goods. There's even a Cafe/Deli so a Capuccino and Long Black were ordered.

 After lunch we drove 30kms North of town to see "The Breakaways", a natural formation that's as spectacular as anything I've seen elsewhere. The SLR, video camera and GoPro were all working overtime and some sample shots are supplied below:

 As we headed back to the Caravan Park, the late afternoon sun highlighted the striking colours of the piles of tailings from the ubiquitous diggings and got Sharon snapping away again. I'd heard that Coober Pedy was surrounded by diggings and that the resultant mounds of dirt were everywhere, but it's not until you see it for yourself that you get a true appreciation for this place.

 Selling or prospecting for opals seems to be everything to this town and I'd say it's a fair guess it probably wouldn't exist if it weren't for the semi-precious gems. This is a place like no other I've been to and has a fascination I can't explain, it definitely has to be experienced first hand.  


  1. G'day Gaz & Shaz
    Between your blog and Wayne's I feel decidedly left out and not a little peeved we are not on the road also. To bring you a little reality it was about 2 here this morning and a very nice frost!! Photo's look great keep them coming. Hope you have a diary and writing down the list for our return visit. Lee has started her own bucket list and is re watching the Fred video's - look out. Stay safe and enjoy
    Di & Dave

  2. Hey mum and dad,

    Your trip looks amazing so far! Coober Pedy looks like a very interesting place indeed. The colour of the ground is nice. Great photos! Miss you lots

    Love you xoxo