"Is that it?" "No, that's Mt Connor"

26th May 2013

The day's finally arrived when I'm going to get to see Uluru in the flesh. Leaving from our overnight stop at Kulgera, it was a leisurely 310km drive to the Campground at Yulara.

As we got closer to our destination I caught a glimpse over the tops of the trees and sand hills of a large geological feature in the distance. I asked Sharon "Is that it?"

Not Uluru

......to which she replied  "No" and explained that what I was seeing is Mount Connor, not Uluru. None-the-less, it was a pretty impressive sight anyway.

Mount Connor

It was a further 50 or 60kms down the road before we got a teaser of the real thing, then a short time later, our first sighting of Kata Tjuta.

After plonking the van on our primo site right next to the loos, we drove to the Ranger's gate where we purchased our 3 day pass to Uluru and Kata Tjuta, then on to the Rock. All the pictures and footage of Uluru I've seen in the past have shown the differing colours and moods of the rock, but none have really done justice. The sheer size and presence of the structure is awe inspiring. It's something that has to be experienced first hand. There was also a bit of time spent looking around the Heritage Centre where a lot of the local Aboriginal history and Dreamtime stories surrounding the area are related.

Later we drove back into the park to the purpose built Viewing Area to witness the sun set on the rock. As the sun and temperature dropped, we witnessed the famous colour change act.


 Tomorrow, we'll go back and walk the base of Uluru and get up real close and personal.

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