1 Sept 2011 - A run into town and a trip back in time

Dave and I drove the 50 Kms into Hawker this morning, the nearest significant town to Wilpena, whilst Sharon and Di went for a walk out to the Old Wilpena Station. We went to town intending on getting the tyre repaired after yesterday's mishap. We left the mechanics to go to work on the tyre and went to sample the local coffee, and to check out the general store (one and the same establishment plus a Post Office to boot). Interesting place. There's a "Thankyou" plus signature scrawled on the wall from Miranda Kerr (supermodel and wife of Orlando Bloom).

After downing the coffee, we wandered down to the Big 4 caravan park as I thought we might as well go and check and confirm our bookings for the next phase of our holiday. Ironically, after keeping our eyes peeled for Sturt's Desert Pea wherever we've been so far, bugger me, there's a whole mess of the stuff right outside the caravan park office.

After what we thought was a reasonble time given to reair the puncture, we wandered back to Chris's Mechanical Repairs to find that there was too much damage done to the tyre, and a new one would be in order. That only took about 10mins to fit, so we were soon hightailing it out of town and heading for Wilpena.
As we drove into the park, we came across Sharon and Di walking along the road, coming back from the Old Wilpena Station, so we stopped and gave them a lift.

          Di and I headed off to the Old Station on foot via the main road. Unfortunately no walking track through the natural bush. Almost there when a group of emus were spotted on the roadside. Now you would have to say we are pretty brave whilst in the car but at this point we didn't have one of those. Lucky for us they didn't show the slightest interest in us.
The old station was an insight into how life would have been like, extremely harsh conditions. Di and I both agreeing it wouldn't have been a life for us. Especially reinforced when making a pit stop to the ladies and finding a large poster on the back of the door showing all the varieties of spiders that habitat the loos.

All the old buildings were simple constructions and with very little comfort.
One of the many owners has been buried there, living only to the age of 38, making me feel very grateful for our longer life span.
Most informative morning out and as well as being picked up by two guys on the way back!

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