5 Aug 2011 - A different perspective

Today we (Di, Dave, Robyn, Peter, Sharon & myself) drove the short distance down some more dirt tracks to Jarvis Hill lookout, some 6.5 Kms East of Hawker. After a fairly hardgoing climb to the peak, we were rewarded with a panoramic view of the broad plains that spread out between the Flinders Ranges on one side, and an assortment of variously named ranges on the other.

View from the lookout with the Flinders Ranges in the distance.


On the way back to the highway, we spotted a Bearded Dragon
soaking up some sunshine.

Once back on the black stuff, it was another short drive north to a location called "five ways", an intersection of five dirt tracks, out in the middle of nowhere, amongst nothing but blue-bush. Here we found the old Hookina cemetary. There are only a handfull of headstones, but it's a stark comment on how tough conditions must have been back in the late 1800's as a large proportion of the occupants are either infants or children. 

The rest of the day was spent back at the caravan park, kicking back, catching up on some reading, and other idle pastimes. What's today? That's right, it's Monday, a "work day"......for some.

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