7 Aug 2011 - Where eagles dare

Another sunny but fresh morning. Today we again hit the road in the 4x4s, bound for a dirt track that took us through the full length of Barachina Gorge, then on to Blinman for lunch.

But, before we left the Highway, we were fortunate enough to catch sight of two separate groups of Wedgetail Eagles.

The western end of Barichina Gorge is quite spectacular, with a small stream passing along the foot of towering walls.

The next track took us from Blinman, across to Angorichina Village and on through Parachilna Gorge, then to the tiny town of Parachilna itself. This area contained some species of wild flower that we hadn't come across before, as well as an opportunity to play in some water.

'Arvo tea was had at the Prarie Hotel in Parachilna. This place is renowned for it's "roadkill menu". Dave and Pete sampled the Feral Antipasto which consisted of, among other things, smoked kangaroo, 'roo mettwurst, and goats cheese. The rest of us settled for coffee and other standard fare. 

The day finished off with a quiet cider and a chat about the day's events.

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