8 Sept 2011 - More Quorn please

Peter and Robyn left us this morning. This was our last day in Hawker today. We decided to drift down the road to Quorn for morning tea at the Emporium and a spot of shopping. (65kms trip to Quorn).

After coffee, shopping and a leisurely stroll around the town centre it was back to Hawker, with a stop on the way back at the Kanyaka ruins. It was the largest homestead in the district boasting staff quarters, doctors surgery, stables, wool sheds, post office, and of course, the cemetary. There are so many ruins and evidence scattered around of how harsh living conditions were. I can't help thinking of how easy and lucky our lives are today.

As the car passes all this superb scenery, we find ourselves once again snapping away with our cameras. Even though we have travelled this road five times in the past fortnight. I think I might take after my father! Upon returning to the caravan, we quickly get ourselves ready for departure the next morning. So the normal things of petrol in the car, last minute photos, gifts to buy and items to pack away were taken care of. Final BBQ for tea with Di and Dave and an early night, since we all decided to watch tomorrow's sunrise for our last morning here.
I couldn't resist this last minute photo.

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