2 Aug 2011 - Getting warmer

Today we awoke to yet another cloudless blue sky. The Bureau reckoned today's top will be 28 degrees, but unless we're acclimatising really quickly, I don't think it got quite to that.

After breakfast we headed down the road to Arkaroo Rock, where a fairly easy trek for a couple of kilometers brought us to an overhanging rock wall with some Aboriginal paintings. These were created by the local Adnyamathanha people.


Of course, on the way there  and back we took the odd photo or two of some wildflowers, rock formations and reptiles.

We've come to the end of our stay at Wilpena Pound. Tomorrow we pull up stumps and head back to Hawker for 6 nights. 
This place has impressed us and I would recommend it as a destination for anyone who wants to experience something different from the usual over-commercialised tourist traps.

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