Day 12: 5th Sept 2014

We’ve left Woodman’s Point and said goodbye to Perth, heading further south with the target destination the Margaret River Region, specifically Yellingup.  But on the way there were still sights to see and coffee to be taken so a stop was made in Mandurah to sample the coffee and churros at San Churro, located in a very picturesque spot on the boardwalk around Mandjar Bay. All agreed that the coffee was excellent and the churros even better. It was a beautiful sunny morning and a Pelican had found a comfortable position to watch the world go by at the end of a little jetty, he even posed whilst people took his picture.
A bit more driving and then another stop, this time in Capel for lunch. This is where I had the best BLT ever at the CapelBerry Cafe. If you’re passing through this way, we can highly recommend their fare.
We arrived at Yallingup around 4pm. And set up in time to have bickies and cheese sitting out front of the vans amongst the very friendly parrots.

Later that evening, I watched my very first sun set over the Indian Ocean.


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