Day 7: 31st Aug 2014

Today we left Kalgoorlie and finally arrived in Perth, or rather Woodman's Point, a suburb a bit south of Fremantle, which itself is a bit south of Perth.

We’ve again departed from our loosely planned itinerary and skipped the overnight stay at Hyden where we were to have visited the famous Wave Rock. But a torrential downpour the previous afternoon saw the dirt road across to Hyden a bit too much of a challenge for us to tackle with the vans on, so a quick rethink of the plans sees us hit Perth a day early and we’ll pick up Wave Rock a little later on.
The highway from Kalgoorlie to Perth is not the smoothest bit of road, but it does pass through some interesting places and there’s always plenty of eye-catching vegetation to spot along the way.

Not far down the road from Kalgoorlie is Coolgardie, another small town with gold mining history and a number of grand old buildings lining the overly wide main street. Sadly, this is now labelled a “Ghost Mining Town” and there’s little sign of anything new going on there.

We descended the hills into the outskirts of Perth, and made our way south to our caravan park located on the edge of a State Reserve where we set up camp once again, then settled down for the night.

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