Day 8: 1st Sept 2014

The first day of Spring and a leisurely start to the day saw us sitting out front of the vans in the glorious sunshine at morning coffee time. The local magpies kept us amused and the brilliant green parrots kept us on our toes, trying to get that perfect, close-up snap.

We decided to venture in to Fremantle and soon found a parking spot where we could leave our vehicles for a few hours.

First stop was at Gino’s for a traditional cup of coffee, alfresco, where we sat in the sunshine and watched the busy pedestrian and car traffic pass by. 


A bit more wandering the streets found us at the Fremantle Docks where we separated with some of us going off to visit the W.A. Maritime Museum, and the others continuing to wander around and window shop.

The Museum contains a lot of information and artefacts pertaining to the early days of Fremantle, the docks, and of course, the America’s Cup challenge. The highlight for me was getting up close and personal with Australia II which is housed within the Museum and just scrapes in with the tip of the mast almost touching the roof.

Another interesting exhibit they have is the embalmed remains of a Megamouth Shark, a very rare and primitive species, found washed up on a local beach, now housed in a purpose built protective tank.
After the museum we all met back up again and sought out somewhere for a late lunch.

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