Day 15: 8th Sept 2014

This morning we left Yallingup, hoping for a bit of relief from the incessant wind and heavy rains.

We’d been told by a local that we really should go and sample Gabriel’s Chocolate, the first bean to bar chocolate makers, who import and roast their own cacao beans sourced from various countries around the world. It’s surprising the different characters and flavours that come from beans grown in different countries, I guess just like wine in a way. One particular variety of their dark chocolate is probably the nicest I’ve ever had, without a hint of bitterness, so this was another place we weren't going to leave without any purchases.

Along the road we passed more wineries, some with extremely elaborate gardens, water features and restaurants. 

Our route took us down Caves Road, a picturesque drive through some stands of very tall, majestic timbers. Caves Road isn’t called Caves Road for nothing, we passed the turnoffs pointing to several caves, but we were aiming to do a tour of Lake Cave. Unfortunately, this cave has the most number of steps (over 300) down into it, so Dave and his dicky knee opted to sit this one out.

Although the cave doesn’t go in very far, the formations, the pools that are the main feature, and the interesting and informative narration by our guide Steve, made the trek down into the cave well worth the effort.

Later that afternoon we arrived in Augusta, set up camp in the most protected sites we could find, and settled in for a couple of nights.

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